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In today’s society, healthcare organizations are challenged to provide optimal healthcare in less time and within the limits of an ever-decreasing budget. The Smart Shower monitoring system gathers information on water and energy use, which you can use to manage costs and therefore save money. Also, caregivers are able to monitor patients in the shower at a distance. In the case of an emergency, the caregiver nearby is notified immediately, enabling her/him to take appropriate action.

How you benefit

·        Management, monitoring and control via WiFi connection

·        Collects data on settings and performance

·        Simple display functionality

·        Remote monitoring and control via central computer

·        Fast response by caregiver to an emergency call

·        Option for locking display functions when the caregiver is separated more than 2 metres from the             Smart Shower. Only the ‘stop function’ on the display is active.


Water management plan

The Smart Shower app enables you to manage and monitor the usage of your sanitary fittings in one or more areas at the same time. This can help to set up maintenance, renovation and repair plans. It can also help to design or redesign sanitary facilities that are more ergonomic. The app can also prevent abnormal wear and tear of sanitary fittings, which can prevent unnecessary replacement and therefore costs.


Water management report

The Smart Shower app can generate all kinds of information in a water management report. For instance:

·        Water use in litres or gallons

·        Outlet temperature

·        Number of starts and stops

·        Shower duration

·        Number of emergency calls

·        Response time to emergency calls


Health aspects

Owners of a collective drinking or sanitary water supply are obligated by law to have a legionella bacteria control management plan. One of the items of the Legionella bacteria management plan is frequent flushing of all outlets with hot water up to 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be very time consuming, and faulty measurement readings are easily made.


Because the Smart Shower is fully electronic, it can be used to take over the controls using a computer, i-pad or smartphone for flushing the outlets. The temperature reading is logged by the wireless data logger that is connected to a computer network or via a GSM (cell phone) modem. The necessary information is logged every second and is automatically reported in a report.