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The display technology

The display of Instant Aqua is fully waterprove and operates with the tip of the finger.... just like your smartphone.

Also the technology prevents that unwanted actions are made by the force or temperature of the water against the display.

All the display grafics are fully open to any design because of the open source structure.

At this moment we have installed 4 apps on the main page of the display.

Red/ shower app

Green/ preset app

White/ report app

Yellow/ smart water use sollutions and general infomation.

Red/ Shower app

This indicates the actual temperature, Temp setting up and down, flow volume up and down and the start button in the centre. There are also indicaitons for water use L-min, shower duration ans actual local time.

Green/ Preset shower settings

This indicates 6 preset options to lock in personal shower settings for later use.

We only have programmed 6 presets, but this can be extended.

Yellow/ reports

This shows several data options to see the water use, shower duration over time.

Personal data can be collected and reported in this report.

Yellow/ smart water sollutions and info

All kind of smart water use sollutions can be programmed in to  maximale temperature use to prevent skin burns,  maximale shower durations can be set, maximale water use can be set.

Also as shown pictures can be projected to the dispay. This can for marketing use or for informaion use ect.